Land Sales Boom, But Incentives Set To Fall

The HomeBuilder stimulus package has delivered an immediate boost to some land developers and home builders- but buyers could be caught out, with hefty incentives set to disappear with prices likely to rise.

One widely recognised risk was that buyers ended up seeing the little actual benefit, especially if developers started to increase prices.

“I urge developers to support the recovery by not putting up prices that will erode the value of the grant,” Villawood executive director Rory Costelloe said.

It’s certainly been a catalyst for enquiry here at The Enigma Corporation since the release of the $25K HomeBuilder Grant. Yes, there is a tight time frame – starting construction within three months of signing a building contract – let alone finding the land and designing the home and getting on a contract – but I believe this will not present a problem for us and am confident that if customers start now that we will be able to commence construction within the required time frame.  

Australian Financial Review Thursday, 11 June 2020

No Deposit House and Land

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