Your entire buying process just got a whole lot easier

Renowned for deep expertise, we partner closely with our customers to solve their problem in accessing the market. We are not Real Estate Agents, we are not Mortgage Brokers, we are not Financial Planners. Our people are innovators and marketers who challenge traditional approaches and define new ways of thinking. We leverage our IP, our talent and new technologies to give our customers the competitive edge when it comes to home ownership.

Customers respect our determination to ensure that their projects deliver what they intended to.

Couple moving in house sitting on the floor.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver much more than just a house

Our mission is to ensure you are not only are set up now, but that you are set up for life. The home is just the by-product of what we are really trying to achieve. You are our partner for life.

Our goal is to help and educate Australian families to bring to reality the dream of accessing the Australian property market. Working with a strategic practice format and a well-defined business framework, Enigma Home Group delivers results. Our concentrated efforts translate into home ownership. 

“Enigma Home Group - The partner you can trust to deliver the results you were promised"


We facilitate our customer’s move from strategy to reality

At Enigma Home Group, we combine industry expertise and leading consulting and technology capabilities in relationship to home ownership, taking our customers through strategies to deliver tangible benefits.

We provide a broad range of consulting, technology, and operation capabilities, especially in high demand areas such as home ownership and accessing the property market in general. As partners, we have both broad and deep expertise and insights into the complexities, challenges, and opportunities facing today’s First Home Owners and those second homeowners trying to get back into the market. Our thought leadership and proven methodologies allow our customers to identify and capitalise on property ownership.

Young real estate consultant explaining her clients principles of rate change
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We have walked in your shoes

You are our partner. This sees us integrate with you and align with your values. We work with you, helping to make every stage of the project of Home Ownership precisely as you had envisioned. We have built our reputation based on the talent of our people, selected through our two degrees of separation hiring policy.

We listen carefully to your needs and with a proven approach, deliver tailored solutions designed to help you realize your goal of Home Ownership.

We are homeowners, we understand the difficulties because we have all been there, and we have your best interests at heart and understand that you need a partner that you can trust.